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ECA is The Source for Open Source!TM

Using an Open Education Resource in Your District?

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ECA builds science kits to be used with a variety of Open Educational Resources (OER)! 

Need a Kit that is Ready-to-Teach?

ECA kits goes beyond the OER core materials lists to save you time and money, we:

  • Test each investigation and selects the best equipment for successful implementation

  • Add critical items listed as “optional” or “locally sourced” to give you everything you need 

  • Prep materials making each kit Ready-to-TeachTM, saving you valuable prep time

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ECA Can Support any Implementation!

 ECA will:

  • Customize a Plan to determine your best implementation model: purchase, purchase with replenishment, rental, or a hybrid approach

  • Supply the materials you need to teach the lessons effectively​

  • Deliver your kits and create a schedule for any future services based on the implementation model selected

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Have you adjusted your scope and sequence to better meet your students' needs?
custom kit options with us!

Interested In Pricing?

Click Here to let us help you get started and to receive
best-in-class service from ECA

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Still have questions?
As you think about how to supply teacher with materials for Open-Educational Resource,
pose these questions for you to consider!

Let's Compare ECA Pricing 

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ECA Specialized Services

ECA Kits are prepped for teachers and Ready-to-TeachTM to save time and money!

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